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Do you have a Single Source of truth about your business?

You complete in a real-time World. But the biggest obstacle stopping you from becoming-or remaining-one of the leading Players in your industry is your lack of access to real-time business intelligence


What We Do

ERP System for SME Segment where we cover 360 Degree visibility on Materials, Production Planning, Quality, Route Card Management to improve their sales, Productivity, Demand forecast and to Reduce Operating cost on all cross-platform functionalities in Manufacturing Industry

It’s a Material Management Software for Micro and Tiny Industries where their business into job order or sub-contracting to control Inventory &  Tools Management Where we cover all transactions related to customer, vendor and supplier transactions.

The complete Solutions for Foundry Industry, where we cover modules like, sales, production planning, purchase, stores, pattern control.


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Key Features


Touch Screen Production System

Touch Screen Production system are used to allow industrial workers to do multiple operations at the same time with user friendly manner. This system controls the operations in a defined production flow and minimize the manual errors and give accurate data and efficiency.


Barcode Integrated Route Card System

Route card system will give the pure clarity to track the production process. Barcode system allows the user to scan the required details from Route card sheet to complete the production process to reduce the user interference while production entry time.


Top Management Dashboard (online)

Top Management Dashboard gives management live details about Business volume of our Industry, Sales and Purchase schedules and targets and also give clear performance result of Quality and production in a compact manner on screen.


Production Planning

Production Planning Module gives clear idea about the Machine wise production Capacity, Availability, Stocks and set a defined route to meet out our target to Deliver Customer promise schedules.


Notification Alerts SMS / Email

Notification Alerts SMS / Email is simple and great way to build relationship between client and our industry. This will give clear digital communication about the transactions made in our industry on time, like Invoice, Purchase Order… Etc.


Tally Integration

This is a Bridge between Tally software and Anims ERP. Tally Integration automatically Export all the Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills into Tally software with very simple user interface.


Document Attachments

This feature allows to attach N number Drawing and Partno Image Files (PDF) and Excel files (work Instruction or documentation), Inspection Reports in each transaction wise, Process wise, Partno wise.


ISO Standards

Anims ERP includes ISO Standard Reports and related Documents and functionalities based on Purchase, Sales, Production, Quality and subcontract Transactions.